Battlestar Yarn

Yarn Yarn Yarn!

I haven’t had too many fibery accomplishments lately.  I just haven’t been feeling very motivated.  Dunno why.

Regardless, spinning is still the perfect companion to TV-watching.  I was completely obsessed with Battlestar Galactica for a while, and watched all 4 seasons within about 6 months (that’s fast for me).  If you haven’t watched it, you must.  It’s simply the best TV show out there.

Anyways, while watching Battlestar Galactica, I was able to turn this:

DSC_0108 DSC_0111

to this:

Yarn Yarn

This is beautiful black BFL roving from Gale’s Art that I bought from Knitch.  It spun up so easily!  I really had nothing planned when I started spinning – it was mostly something to do with my hands while I watched an ungodly amount of TV.  Having said that, it turned out incredibly even, and I really like how the colors mushed together.

I haven’t measured it for stats yet, but it’s roughly fingering weight, and there was 4 oz of roving, so I’m imagining there’s roughly the same amount of yarn.  I’m hoping to (eventually) knit it into some Viper Pilot Socks.  Seems fitting, doesn’t it?  It’s too bad the roving wasn’t superwash… Guess I’ll just have to remember to handwash them (or turn them into Christmas ornaments if they accidentally end up in the washer…)

I have started spinning something else since these came off the wheel – a lovely heathered green merino that I bought from SAFF in 2007.  I figured I should start spinning at least 1 thing from SAFF that year before I got to SAFF again this year!


October 1, 2009. Knitting.

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