Stitches South 2009

I went to Stitches South with Lisa last weekend.  I was so psyched that I get to experience such a big, talked-about event.  Lisa came down for the weekend and we had some fun touring the vegetarian cuisine of Atlanta.  I have a couple of friends who are vegetarians, so I’ve gotten to know the vegetarian landscape a little.  It’s amazing how much choices we have here!

OK – tangent over.  We went to Stitches on Saturday.  I was really amazed at everything that was there.  The show was really big with lots of booths.  Lisa and I were both on a roving kick, so that’s definitely what we paid more attention to.  We came across some really cool stuff though.  First stop was Sassafras Creation‘s booth.  I had seen ads for them online before, but had never seen the jewelry in person.  They are absolutely stunning!  I really debated between getting a lot of it, but I ended up coming home with this pair of earrings (photo not mine – it’s the vendor’s stock photo).


They’re super cute and super lightweight.  I wear them all the time now.  Nobody knows they’re old knitting needles.  It makes me happy to sneak around my knitting goodies.

They also had these watches that I completely fell in love with.  I didn’t come home with one, but I want the one with pearls so bad (second one from the left).  Anyone want to get it for me?


Other loot I ended up with from Stitches:

Shawl pin.  I’ve been looking for one for a while, for the theoretical shawl that I will be knitting.  Plus they’re really handy to close scarfs and cardigans and other stuff like that.  I dont’ really have too many things that need one…actually, I might not have anything that needs one, but that’s beside the point.  It’s pretty and I like it.

DSC_0104.JPG DSC_0105.JPG

Webs was also at Stitches.  I’ve been listening to the Webs podcast for a while, although I haven’t really kept up lately.  It was totally weird to see one of the owners, Steve Elkins, there.  He’s just normal guy running a booth at a yarn show.  But weird because I heard his voice in person.  Am I a dork or what?  Knitting celebrity, anyone?

Anyhow, Webs had AMAZING prices, as usual.  First thing I saw walking into the booth was a 10-ball bag of Plymouth Worsted Alpaca for $37!  Holy moly.  I almost walked away with it that second.  I browsed some more though, and found 2 yarns that I’ve been wanting for a long time, and opted for them instead.  I bought Malabrigo sock (heavenly!) and Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock (so sofffttt).  Both yarns are AMAZING!  Can’t wait to knit something with them… all my other sock yarn will have to line up.

DSC_0096.JPG DSC_0099.JPG

That was it of my loot.  I think I did pretty good.  I have to say, though, that I think I prefer the atmosphere of SAFF more.  Maybe it’s just the fiber thing – I’m just way more into fiber than yarn.  I have much too much yarn already (although compared to the rest of the knitting community, I’m quite tame).

On a slightly different note, I finally finished my Spring Forward socks.  They’ve been on the needles forever – can’t even remember when I started them at this point.  Actually, I think it must have been around August, since I started them for Football season.  I’ve put them away and not knit on them for a while, especially due to busy season and all the other crap that has been happening in my life.  Anyways, Lisa gave me a good pep talk and I finished them Sunday night.  Aren’t they pretty?

DSC_0115.JPG DSC_0128.JPG DSC_0125.JPG

For the record, self-sock photography is super hard.  This is the best I can come up with.  Sorry.

This didn’t use much yarn – only about 2/3 of the skein.  I have a lot leftover I don’t know what to do with.   Matching coin pouch?  Any better ideas?

Ok – that’s it for now.  My yarn adventure continues later.  I’m almost done with the BFL I started spinning a short while ago.  Will post pictures when it’s all done, skeined, and washed.  It’s looking super pretty!


May 2, 2009. Knitting.

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