Spinning Guild

On Saturday, I went to my local spinning guild for the first time. I was so pleasantly surprised at how large the guild was. There were probably about 20 people there. Wow – that many spinners live near me? One lady even told me she had the same wheel I did. Yay – someone to ask if my wheel is acting wonky. The ladies were all so nice at the guild, and super knowledgeable too. I learned so much just from sitting there and listening. It’s definitely going to be a great resource for any spinning questions.

Of course, it was super fun as well. Everyone goes around in a circle to do a show and tell. Some people have some awesome stuff spun and knitted up. One lady made this really long and amazing shawl out of linen. The drape was incredible, plus it looked great and cozy on her. Two ladies had hand dyed wool with easter egg dyes and food coloring. Such beautiful colors. Some showed their finished spinning. There was definitely some yummy stuff there.

I also found some yummy stuff to buy there. Check this out. It’s a wool silk blend (exactly percentage not sure). The blue is the wool and the silver is the silk.


There’s a really nice shimmer in person. It’s not as soft as merino (yeah, I’ve been spoiled), but it’s pretty soft. I bought 20 oz from a lady at the guild who owns her own farm and sells her fiber. I’m hoping to get enough yardage to make at least a tank top with it. Dare I say a sweater? I guess we’ll just have to see.


April 6, 2008. Spinning.

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  1. katyjane replied:

    Ooh! I love those colors!!

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