Baby Hoodie

FO time! I finished this baby hoodie on spring break.

IMG_7626 IMG_7625

Thanks Abby for modeling! As you can tell, it’s still a bit big on her. This is good, since it’ll still fit her next spring.

Some specs:
Pattern: Hooded Baby Cardigan (P630) from Plymouth
Yarn: Oh My! by Plymouth – 7 balls
Needle: Knit Picks Options size 10
Project Ravelry page

Pattern knit entirely as is. I wanted to convert it to be knit in the round, but was too lazy to. The pattern is very easy to make.  It made for really productive SnB knitting, and spring break knitting while traveling in the car.  The only change I made was to kitchener the top of the hood instead of bind off and sew it together. The bind off just seemed a little arbitrary, plus who would want a seam there?

I read on ravelry that the yarn unravels easily from being weaved in, so I (gasp) knotted the ends in after weaving. Let’s hope that withstands the pulling and tugging of a toddler!

I made the buttons from polymer clay. It’s sort of a new hobby of mine. I consider it an extension of my knitting (like the beading – it’s just for stitch markers, really), so it’s not really a new hobby. Can you see them? I rolled the clay on the thickest setting of the pasta machine, cut them out from a 5/8″ template, and textured it with a rubber stamp. Then I painted it with a wash and put gloss coat on it after baking it. I love them!


My floppy dog was also kind enough to model the hoodie for me.

IMG_7622 IMG_7624

Isn’t he just so darn cute?!?


March 29, 2008. Knitting.


  1. theqotd replied:

    You are right, that dog looks very cute (and so does little Abby!)


  2. Marny CA replied:

    Cautionary re: Shawl pin with 2nd piece — find a way to put a safety chain on the pin to the 2nd piece because losing the pin might mean never finding another that matches! BT and did not do that!

    The earrings are adorable and if I had extra money the watch would be yours! I would say to put it on your Birthday/Holiday List of Things I Would Like — and tell people where to find your list. My husband suggested this for me and it was wonderful – and he didn’t have to try to figure out what I wanted! He just chose something off my list without telling me. Surprise!!

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