Yarn Dyeing

A small bit of yarn dyeing activity.  After & before pics:

IMG_7616 IMG_6299

I did this Sunday in my crock pot using food coloring.  The base yarn is Knit Picks Essential bare, 100g of sock yarn.  I used 16 drops of blue to 7 drops of green (although using much more dye than that – my blue bottle is almost gone!).  I used knitty’s dip-dye method.  It was so easy to do!  I just put the yarn in the crock pot and would occasionally come to pull some out.  No exactly science or anything. 

When it was done, I washed it and it bled a little bit.  It kept bleeding even after 4 washes, so I decided to put it all back in the crockpot with clear water and vinegar and left it overnight to set the color.  It did set the color a bit more, but still not completely.  I’ll just try to remember to wash the socks separately until it stops bleeding.  The bad thing about leaving it overnight was that it starting boiling.  No biggie since the yarn is superwash, but I used maroon yarn to tie the skein, and the maroon bled a little onto the yarn.  Whoops.

I enjoy doing food coloring dyeing a lot more than kool-aid.  The color is more predictable and controllable, and I’m just not a fan of the kool-aid surprise.  It’s almost much less neon colored.  I also really enjoyed reskeining the yarn after dyeing.  I think it looks much better mixed in like that.  I’m quite in love with this dye job.  Who needs $20 hand-dyed sock  yarn when I can dye my own?


March 28, 2008. Yarn.

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