More Yarn Love

More yarn love:

I bought 2 pounds of the Highland Tweeds yarn from WEBS when it was on closeout for like $12 a pound. It comes in cones in spinning oil, so I’ve been skeining and washing it. It’s been through the wash 10 times, but the water is still coming out like this:

I’m going to wash it next with some vinegar. Hopefully, this will set the color and soften the yarn a bit (I heard that vinegar smooths the scales in the wool.. hmm…).

Even though it’s not completely finished being washed, look at the difference in the before and after washing picture! (Before = right, After = left)

I love how it bloomed and takes on a softer texture. I’ll have to swatch it and see how it behaves.

Next goal after washing it all? Dyeing it. I’m not sure I’m a big fan of this yellow color. Maybe I’ll dye it with blue to make a green. Or a purple to make a brownish color.


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More Spinning

I finished spinning my orange alpaca a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know how I forgot to blog about it!

IMG_6634 IMG_6635

It’s 8 oz, 250 yds of super soft 100% baby alpaca. It’s 3-ply and approximately DK to worsted weight (varies by section). There are some bulky spots too, and spots where the plying because a little boucle-ish. For my first yarn, it turned out pretty even.

This is what I’m spinning right now:

4 oz of “Cinnabar” Merino. It’s going to be a 3-ply DK as well (the orange alpaca was actually practice for this). I have another 4 oz of this in the color “Patina” – a beige-ish color. Combined, I’m hoping to make the stag bag in Harry Potter-ish colors (warning: pdf link).

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