Another Baby Cardi

So here is the second of the baby clothes that I’m knitting. This was made specifically to go with a Christmas dress that baby received.

IMG_6453 IMG_6452

Pattern: Mossy Jacket
Yarn: Knit Picks Crayon, double-stranded
Needles: KP Options size 9
Size: approximately 22″ around the chest
Gauge: 3.5 sts / inch

I modified the pattern to make the opening centered with buttons going all the way. It is turned inside out to give it a reverse stockinette stitch. The mom wanted the nubbly texture, and reverse stockinette featured the boucle texture much better. The bottom 5 buttons are generic maroon colored buttons. The top one is a jeweled, super-sparkly one. I really like how it looks almost like a brooch.

I started knitting this on Thanksgiving day. It’s a quick knit because of the gauge, and also because I’ve made the pattern before. Finished on 12/10, and took 4 more days to go shop for buttons and tack it on.

The yarn is wonderfully soft! I might make a bath mitt or something with my leftovers. It’s a 100% Pima Cotton boucle texture yarn. Cheap too. It took approx 3.5 balls for this cardigan. Not bad.

(Oh wait – I’m supposed to make baby mitts & bootees… gotta remember that!)

I didn’t have nearly as much trouble with the sleeve join this time around.  Instead of picking up one stitch, I picked up 3 stitches so that it has a smoother underarm join.  I reduced the decrease from every 4 rows to every 3 rows and it worked out pretty well.  Of course, maybe it’s just the boucle texture hiding my mistakes, but that’s fine by me.


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Foliage Hat

I made this hat to go with My So-Called Scarf. It’s out of the same yarn (Manos wool) but in a solid color.

IMG_6445 IMG_6444

(excuse the hideousness – it’s exam time which means jeans and t-shirt time)

Pattern: Foliage
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Wool, Color 57
Needles: KP Options size 10 for body, 8 for ribbing, 11 for bind-off
Size: Chunky

This was such a quick knit and wonderful pattern! I love charts, and there was a lot of charts and minimal directions (although directions in words are provided for those who don’t like charts). The lace pattern was just relaxing enough, but still engaging. The ribbing was a little boring at the end, but I was able to do it at SnB using the continental method, which meant I got to practice something new, chit-chat, and get it done without much dreading. I finished this in just one week – in the middle of finals too! Needless to say, I loved knitting this hat.

On another note, I blocked the My So-Called Scarf to be much longer and slightly air-ier. The result is nice and soft and drapey. I love it more now than even before. I’ve never blocked a hat so I’ll have to figure out how. Maybe I can get this one to open up a little too.

I now have half a ball of this yarn left… can’t decide if I’m going to add fringe to My So-Called Scarf with it or not. I think if I do, it’ll tie the two colors together better (it doesn’t really show in the pictures, but they’re ever so slightly off). But I’m not sure if I want fringe… decisions…decisions…

Now I just need some mittens to finish up this set of hat & scarf. I can’t imagine doing mittens in Manos though, so off to the LYS I go (tomorrow… after finals…)

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My So-Called Scarf

So I joined the My-So Called Scarf craze. I never really intended on knitting it, since I didn’t think it looked that good. However, it was about the only pattern I liked for a scarf out of Manos, so I decided to try it anyway. As it turns out, it looks way better in person than in a photo. I’m quite happy with it!.

IMG_6423 IMG_6425

Pattern: My So-Called Scarf
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Wool, Color 118
Needles: KP Options size 11
Size: 20 stitches wide

This was such a quick knit! I bought the yarn on Black Friday and started it that weekend, and I finished it just now. It’s really quick to memorize and a very enjoyable stitch pattern. I made it a bit narrower since I plan on wearing it doubled-up. I used up one entire skein of yarn (with about a 3/4 in. tail at the end!) and it’s just a tad shorter than I like. I’m going to block it to be longer, since that’ll also give it a more drapey feel.

The yarn is scratchier than I like, but maybe it’ll soften up after washing. As it is, it itches my neck a little. Maybe washing & blocking will help?

I still need to weave in the ends and block it, but right now I’m obsessed with the hat I’m knitting to match.  We’ll see when it gets truly and completely done.

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