I went to my first Fiber Festival on Saturday. It was quite an experience! I had never been around so many people who love all things fiber related. There was so much yarn and fiber and various equipments that I couldn’t take me eyes off of. I was quite overwhelmed by it all.

I went with m a friend I met at SnB. We drove down to Asheville very early in the morning and got there at about 10 am. We walked into the main arena and this was what we saw:

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Major yarn-yummy-goodness!

We spent about 6 hours just walking around looking at things that we wanted. There were so much awesome yarn and roving and various fiber-goodness. I couldn’t help but touch everything. There were people spinning and felting and weaving. I was vary intrigued by the weaving looms. They get pretty big!

I also played with some spindles and got to try a couple of louet and ashford spinning wheels. I didn’t end up getting one though, since I still wanted to try out the Fricke S-160DT, which looks to be the one that I might like to get.

I also bought a bunch of amazing yarn & fiber. Here’s a showcase of my purchases:

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Silk Hankies. I read a tutorial on Knitty about spinning silk hankies when I first started spinning and was intrigued. I haven’t really had a chance to buy one until now. I tried spinning a couple this morning and it’s pretty hard work! Maybe I’m not quite doing it correctly, but the drafting took a long time and was much harder than usual. Maybe I’m one of the odd ones that just prefer slippery silk top to this catchy hanky. It spins up beautifully though! I’m going to spin it all eventually and hopefully have enough to make at least a lacy scarf. I only bought a 1/2 ounce.

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1 pound of hand-dyed merino roving. Super yummy softness. Amazing colors. It’s mainly green with some orange and blue mixed in. I bought it for a scarf, hat, and mitten set, since I don’t have a whole set that matches, but now that I put it up against my main big winter jacket, I’m not so sure it matches the jacket. Maybe I’ll still do it because I can still wear it with my other jackets, but I can’t decide yet. Either way, I won’t be spinning it until I get a spinning wheel.

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1.5 pounds of 70/30 merino/alpaca roving. Ridiculously soft. Naturally variegated colors. I absolutely love it. I bought enough for a sweater, but don’t have any definite plans for it. When I got home though, I realized that it would make a pretty good Tilted Duster from the Fall Interweave Knits. I calculated the weight from the pattern, and it’s just enough. I’m not sure if I should spin it and hope for the best, or not risk it and plan something else for it. I guess I can always spin it and see if there’s enough yardage. I also dont’ know if I can be trusted to spin consistently enough to make an entire sweater! Guess I’ll figure it out when I get my wheel 🙂

I bought the above roving from Rivers Edge Weaving Studio and I just have to give a shout-out to them. The ladies were super nice and helpful.

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320 yards of worsted superwash wool. The softest yarn I have ever touched! I originally wasn’t going to buy it, but my friend did and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I just bit the bullet and took it home, even though I have absolutely no plans for it. I was thinking some comfy house socks, but I’m not sure I want to risk ruining it and wearing it out. Maybe I’ll just have to find some reinforcing thread to make myself feel better. For now though, I’m keeping the skein next to my laptop on my desk. Whenever I feel stressed, I just pet it. It makes me feel much better. oh so soft!

The yarn came from Brooks Farm. They have an amazing booth! Their yarns are all super soft and are all in amazing colors. Next time I go, I will have to plan better so I can buy more from them. The owner was super nice too.

That’s it for purchases. I did pretty well considering. The only thing I didn’t buy that I’m slightly regretting is a skein of 600 yds of alpaca for something like $20. What a super price. I just hit my budget though, so it’s probably better that way. Besides, I already have way more than I can spin/knit.

While we were there, we also some some llamas. Look at these cuties!
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That’s it for my SAFF adventures!  I’ll report back when I’ve made something from all my loot.


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