Go Big Orange! Toboggan (Hat)

One of my friends who is also a huge football fan found out recently that I knit. He has always wanted a orange and white checkered toboggan (for those who aren’t from the south – it’s a hat, not a sled), so he asked me to make him one. Of course, I obliged. It’s a great excuse for me to learn colorwork in a basically non-intimidating setting.

I went to pick up the yarn about two weeks ago. Originally, I wanted to get some good superwash wool so he can wash it safely. However, even in this big orange country, I couldn’t find anything in the official orange! If you live around here, you probably know. There’s Auburn orange, and then there’s Florida orange. There’s even University of Texas orange. But none of that is the same as UT orange. The closest I found was in Red Heart Super Saver. I vowed to never knit with that stuff again, but oh well. Guess I had to make an exception. I also got a “I Love this Yarn” from Hobby Lobby. It’s a much nicer Acrylic than Red Heart Super Saver, but I’m not sure if “I Love this Yarn.” It’s still acrylic, even if it’s softer.

IMG_6290 IMG_6295

Pattern: Chessboard Hat
Yarn: 1/4 ball of Red Heart Super Saver in Pumpkin & 1/4 ball of “I Love this Yarn” from Hobby Lobby in White
Needles: Denise size 8
Size: M (cast on 104), 8-swirl decrease
Gauge: 20 sts = 4″ in stockinette
Ravelry Link

The hat turned out great! The ribbing on the bottom is a little larger than I want. I probably should have used an even smaller needle to do that part. I’m really happy about how the colorwork turned out. The front has wonky spots, but mostly it’s pretty even. The back, however, is amazing. I’m totally impressed with myself. Check this out:


Neat carrys, no dangling strings.  I’m quite happy.  I might have erred on the side of too tight, but it works.  While doing this colorwork, I learned the 2-handed method of color-stranding.  Knit Picks has a great tutorial here that I followed.

This hat only took me 2 weeks to knit.  That’s amazingly fast since it wasn’t a project I could do while studying (colorwork required too much visual attention for me to read and knit it at the same time.)  Since those acrylic yarns come in such gigantic packages, I’m thinking of making one for myself.  It’s quite festive and would be great for football games (although I don’t want to wear an identical hat with my friend for now.  Maybe I’ll just make one for his wife so they can match… hmm…)

Go Vols!


October 3, 2007. Knitting.


  1. Lisa replied:

    Hey, this turned out great! Might be a really good project for a couple of natural colors of handspun… and it wouldn’t take too much yarn… any idea about how much yarn it took (yardage-wise)?

  2. Beata replied:

    Thanks! I weighed my leftover yarn, and according to my calculations, it took about 75 yards? Hmmm – that sounds too little, but I’ll go with what it said.

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