Last week, we started a Stitch n Bitch near my university. We had our second meeting today, and it was so much fun! I definitely look forward to it. We’ve grown a couple of members, and someone else asked us if they could come while we were there. I’m so excited.

Anyhow, the whole point of saying all that is because I acquired a bunch of roving tonight from someone I met last week at the Stitch n Bitch. I told her about how I’m trying to teach myself to spin on a drop spindle and all that. I had a little trouble with the first bit of roving I spun, since I picked a merino silk which is apparently harder to spin. She spins as well, and to encourage me, she brought me this big bag of all the different fibers that she has. I now have this pile of alpaca, wool, silk, cotton, and even soy silk! I’m so excited. Like I told her – if I fail my classes this semester, I know who to blame!

Just to share my excitement:
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