Isabella almost done!

Or so I’d like to think.

It is a lot closer to being done though, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m up to the neckline in the front now, and is probably about 75% done with that piece. There’s still armhole and neck edges to pick up and knit, and sewing it together is going to suck, but otherwise, I almost have a new snazzy tank!

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Baby Socks

My friend who recently had a baby girl, the same one that I made the Baby Kimono & Bonnet and Baby Hat for, commissioned some baby socks. I happily obliged, since I’ve been dying to knit socks anyway. I used some Lion Brand Wool-Ease leftover from the Vestee that I made, plus some variegated vintage yarn that I stole from said friend’s basement (her mother bought her such a huge stash of yarn when she learned that her daughter had taken up knitting and crocheting, but most of the yarn is acrylic and from random garage sales). Anyhow, this is what I ended up with

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Pattern: Super Quick Baby Socks
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease & Caron Wintuk 4
Needles: Susan Bates Size 4
Gauge: Didn’t really check

As you can see, I had some issues with the first one that made it not look much like a sock. I’m proud though, that my first socks at least came out looking sock-like. The second pair is much better. I also really liked how the yarn self-striped.

Hopefully, these didn’t get lost in the mail. I had mailed them a week ago, and the mom still hasn’t received them yet. 😦

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Baby Kimono and Bonnet

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Pattern: Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting, Top-Down Bonnet from Hello Yarn
Yarn: Sugar ‘n’ Cream in Cornflower Blue, 2.5 oz/120 yd balls, 2 balls
Needles: Denise size 5
Gauge: 20 sts/4 in. in stockinette
Notes: Used stockinette stitch instead of garter. Outlined all edges in garter stitch, which created a nice rib on the cuffs. Used yo increase for neckline. Chained a long string instead of using ribbon as the tie to secure the sides of the kimono.

I made this for one for the same baby girl that I made the baby hat and sweater set for. She was born premature, and even now at almost 3 months, she’s still teeny tiny. It’s hard to find clothes for her that fit, so I made a sweater and a bonnet.

These two things are just so cute! I love them both. The yarn was really rough to work with, and I had to yank at the hard and go down many needles sizes to get gauge. After a while, my fingers got really tired.  The yarn is made for utility things like dishcloths and rugs, but I really liked how it turned out.  It definitely feels a little bit like a dishcloth, but for a baby, I’m not convinced that’s bad.  It’ll be absorbent for the times that she decides to leak out of her diaper :).

The pattern is written very flexibly, so I got my first chance at “designing” a sweater. Truthfully, adding a garter stitch edge to a stockinette piece isn’t much designing, but making it up and changing it as it went was really quite fun.

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Mother’s Day Tea Cozy

Pattern: Kureyon Cozy (small version 1) from Knitty.
Yarn: Sugar ‘n’ Cream in Cool Breeze, 2 oz/95 yd balls, ~1.25 balls
Needles: Size 7 Denise
Gauge: 20 sts/4 in.

My mom has a really pretty glass teapot, but the problem with glass is that it dissipates heat really quickly, so I decided to make her a tea cozy for mother’s day. I had purchased some Sugar ‘n’ Cream yarn on a huge sale that match my mom’s kitchen, so I decided to knit the cozy up with it. I guess I didn’t really consider the fact that cotton doesn’t insulate near as much as wool, so probably this won’t be a very efficient cozy. At least it looks pretty, plus it can still act as a hot pad because of the double thick bottom.

I gave this to my mom for mother’s day along with an assortment of Chinese teas. The teapot in the picture is my teapot, not my mom’s nice glass one, but it’ll have to do. Eventually I’ll make a cozy for myself too.

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