Blocked Fetching

So you thought I was done with my Fetching, huh?


I decided I didn’t like how it rolled, but as it is typical of me, I’m too lazy to frog.

So I decided to block.

I’m usually too lazy to block, but I think after this, the blocking gods have conviced me that it really is a necessary step. Look at the difference!

Look! No rolling at all! Woot!

Now I’m really done with them – just in time for it to go in with the rest of the winter stuff to be boxed up 😦


March 30, 2007. Knitting.


  1. katyjane replied:

    hahahah! I thought at first that you titled it “Botched Fetching”… but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with them! I thought they looked better… and it’s because they did!

  2. wickedknits replied:

    Hi! Ouch. I, too, have finished my convertibles- just as summer sets in.

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