New Yarn for Isabella

I had bought a bunch of Bernat baby yarn for Isabella, then I decided that I really hated the color and took it all back. I still really wanted to knit it, but fingering weight yarn is near impossible to find locally. I’ve been wanting to try out Knit Picks too, so I went for it.

My bag came in the mail a couple of days ago. I got some Crayon in Brick and Palette in Apricot. The colors are definitely a little off from the website, but I actually like the real colors even better than the colors on the web, so it worked out for me.

The Palette is for Isabella and the Crayon is for these shorts that I plan on modifying to be ballet shorts (the waist will just be shorter).

I was so excited to get the bag that I couldn’t wait to get started. I started gauging the Palette for Isabella. I used my size 5 Denise, even though that’s way bigger than what the pattern called for, I usually knit so tight that I have to go up 2-3 sizes anyway so I figured it might work. The gauge wasn’t even close! I was going to just go with it anyway and knit a size down (so it’d be the right size) but then the fabric would be too thin and you’d be able to see through it. I gave up and finally went to the store and got some size 3 & 4 circulars. The only ones they had were metal Susan Bates, so I went for them even though I usually prefer bamboo. I ended up really liking them, but they’re so slick that my gauge got loose, so the size 3s are still a little too big. It got close enough though (only 1/2 stitch too big) so I think I’ll go with it.

So today is my first day of starting Isabella. Let’s see how long it’ll take me to knit up a whole sweater using fingering weight yarn!


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Blocked Fetching

So you thought I was done with my Fetching, huh?


I decided I didn’t like how it rolled, but as it is typical of me, I’m too lazy to frog.

So I decided to block.

I’m usually too lazy to block, but I think after this, the blocking gods have conviced me that it really is a necessary step. Look at the difference!

Look! No rolling at all! Woot!

Now I’m really done with them – just in time for it to go in with the rest of the winter stuff to be boxed up 😦

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Fetching Finished

I finished the 2nd Fetching over the weekend and I absolutely love it! Of course, it’s finished just in time for 90 degree weather, but maybe it’ll get cold one last time before it finally hits summer (I can hope).

I used 1 ball of Karabella Margrite in Purple that I got from Katy and Kullervo one Christmas. The yarn is sooo incredibly soft and warm. When I put it on, my palms can feel the heat radiating. They are really the perfect office mittens (so you can still type with your fingers in the cold office).

The pattern was really easy and fun. I particularly liked the different cables for each hand. The picot edging rolls a little, but blocking might be able to fix that. I knitted it in size 8 Denise needles, with the magic loop method. Total knitting time was probably no more than 10 hours, although my procrastination and slight “second sock syndrome” meant that they took about a whole month to complete.

I still have a good bit of yarn left – probably about 50 yds or so. Maybe I’ll knit covers for it to make it convertible like wickedknits is doing.

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Photo (or Yarn) Album

I had been a little frustrated recently about working gauge swatches. I don’t usually like working them to begin with, but I especially don’t like to rework them. Like when I made the baby hat. It was made of the same yarn as the baby sweater set, but I didn’t keep my swatch so I had to re-swatch it to make sure I get gauge. That was pretty irritating.

But I think I came up with a solution – a yarn album!

OK – I know a lot of people keep knitting journals and all, and keep their gauge swatches with notes on the patterns and all that, so I know this isn’t an original idea by any chance, but it was definitely a revelation for me. My mother-in-law had given me a beautiful photo album for Christmas, but I had no idea what I would do with it since I don’t really print pictures out (I probably should, and maybe she was hinting at something, but I simply don’t have the time or the desire to have it all printed out and organized). I got it out today and decided it would be perfect for me to put my old yarn swatches with notes in there (and maybe even old patterns with notes too, although I haven’t decided yet).

Check it out! I’m loving it.

I simply jot down all my notes about that particular swatch on a 3×5 note card and slip that up top, with the gauge on the bottom. Theoretically, I could just scribble the notes on the side writing area, but I always had this thing against writing in books, and that apparently carried over to photo albums.

Anyhow, I like this solution for now. The front of the album has a little frame slot – maybe I’ll make a collage of my yarn stash or something 🙂

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Baby Hat

I was gathering my stash of leftover yarn last night and realized I had a bunch of the TLC Cotton Plus leftover from the baby sweater set. I couldn’t resist making something out of it (also, I just wanted to get rid of it) so I decided to make the baby hat from One Skein for the same baby girl the sweater set was for. One more hat to match the outfit!

I successfully used up the last of my white TLC Cotton Plus. It probably took only around 50-75 yds of yarn. It was a really fun and fast knit. I started it late last night and finished this morning, with a total knit time of about 4 hours. It’s my first “lace” project, although I’m not sure it technically qualifies as lace with only so few yarn-overs. I still feel accomplished though and want to try out more lace knitting.

Pictures follows. I didn’t have a baby to use as a model, so a CD spindle will have to do.

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In a whirlwind knit, I finished this in 3 days!

It’s Vestee from the Spring 2007 Knitty. I saw it and immediately thought it was perfect for my lil’ nephew, so I decided to knit it for his birthday. There wasn’t much time, but the pattern was clear and so much fun to knit that I got through it in 3 days.

I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease in blue heather. I couldn’t imagine hand-washing a toddler’s clothes, so I picked this yarn because it’s machine washable and dryable.

I really liked the garter rib that the sweater was knitted in. It provides really good stretch – even better than a regular rib pattern. There wasn’t much seaming either because the top half is mostly knitted in the round. Plus it’s just a toddler sweater, so it isn’t big to begin with.

I am going to have to take a few days break from knitting though. Making this in 3 days definitely wore me out a little. After I finish up the Shrug that I’ve been working on, I’ll probably start up Isabella. I bought a bunch of Bernat Baby yarn in baby green for it a few days ago (Yay for sales at A.C. Moore). I also had to buy size 3 circulars because my Denise doesn’t go down that small :(. The gauge is quite intimidating, but I’m determined to conquer it, even if I never ever knit that small again.

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Shrug – Day 2

Here is my 2nd day progress on the Spring Fresh Shrug. Talk about a fast knit!

My only concern now is that it’ll either be too big or too small. The pattern is one-size only, and once I realized the big long thing I was knitting was a sleeve, I realized it’s really big for my arm. I’ll still finish it though and just see how it comes out.

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I just started the Spring Fresh Shrug today after going to the LYS to pick up the large size Denise needles in #17 & #19. I’m knitting it with Lion Brand Romance yarn in purple. The yarn is so soft and wonderful! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it at the store. The whole 1-ball a garment thing really appealed to me too (I hate sewing in ends). Here’s my progress:

This is only with 1 hour of knitting! It’s worked in a size 15 needle, which means it knits up really quick. Talk about instant gratification.

The only problem is that the yarn is so soft and slippery that I have trouble controlling it on my needle. It slips off often. The good news is that all the fuzzies make the yarn hard to unravel, so even if I drop stitches, it’s not too big a deal. In fact, it was so hard to unravel that I had to keep my gauge swatch (because I couldn’t undo it!)

If I keep procrastinating on homework, maybe the shrug will be done tonight! Hmmm…

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Things I’m learning

After enjoying working the cables on the Nakiska headband immensely, I’ve picked up the cable bag that I’ve set aside and knitted up a couple more inches. The experience is a lot more enjoyable this time around.

So far, I’ve learned a couple of things about knitting from my cable bag:

  1. I hate my cable needle, and much prefer using my stitch holder to move the stitches
  2. Seed stitches make wonderful borders, and works wonders on preventing curling on stockinette.
  3. Sometimes, knitting really requires 100% of my attention, and I can’t do it while trying to catch up on homework
  4. It’s ok to set aside a project when I’m sick of it. I’ll pick it up later when I feel the desire to knit it again.

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Nakiska Headband for Katy

For Katy‘s birthday, I made her the Nakiska Headband from Knitty.  Here is my most recent picture of it:

I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished object, but this was pretty close to being done.  I actually enjoyed these cables for a change.  It’s encouraging me to pick up my cable bag and work on it some more.  I also learned that having the appropriate length of circular needles makes knitting way more fun. 

March 11, 2007. Knitting. 4 comments.

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