Denise Needles

I got myself a set of Denise Interchangeable Needles. They’re FANTASTIC! I’m so excited to have them, since I had a list of projects that I wanted to get a start on and they all use different sized needles. Look at these beauties:

The size 8s are missing cuz I was knitting with them when I took the picture.

The reasons why I love my Denise:

  1. It gives me all the needles I need (except for the super small ones)
  2. They come in a pretty case that keeps them all organized. It helps my obsession in keeping things organized.
  3. They’re plastic, but very high quality plastic. I do like the Clover bamboo needles, but I also really like the feel of this plastic (it feels very flexible in my hands)
  4. They’re incredibly light (I heard they’re as light as the Addi turbos) so it keeps my wrists from hurting when I knit real fast.
  5. They’re circular needles, and I love circular needles.
  6. I can do Magic Lop knitting with them – no more dpns! (I hate dpns. Wish they were never invented).

I’ve also heard that people have had sets for 30 years and they still use them, so they must last a long time. There’s also a lifetime warranty even if anything ever broke – woohoo!


February 27, 2007. Knitting, Tools.


  1. katyjane replied:

    I’m so jealous! I also prefer the bamboo, but plastic is my number two choice.

    But, really, dpns are my absolute fave. Once I got used to them, that is. I like that they look intimidating.

  2. Kat replied:

    I hope you’re enjoying your Denise’s. I got a pink set in the mail yesterday so I’m super excited to finish all my current projects so I can start knitting with them!

  3. Beata’s » Blog Archive » Vestee replied:

    […] for it a few days ago (Yay for sales at A.C. Moore). I also had to buy size 3 circulars because my Denise doesn’t go down that small :(. The gauge is quite intimidating, but I’m determined to […]

  4. Beata’s » Blog Archive » 2nd Calorimetry finished! replied:

    […] 26 rows. I also modified the short rows from 4 stitches per row to 6 stitches per row and used my newly-acquired Denise instead of my regular Clover Bamboo […]

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