2nd Calorimetry finished!

I finished a second Calorimetry in blue. This was originally for my brother, but it turned out too small. I had to chain 4 chains at the end just to get it to fit my head. Needless to say, I couldn’t put a button on it to make it a button-up. My original one was way too big, so for this one, I only cast on 92 stitches and did only 26 rows. I also modified the short rows from 4 stitches per row to 6 stitches per row and used my newly-acquired Denise instead of my regular Clover Bamboo needles.

I’m actually really happy with it. It looks really different from my original. I like the bright color too. It’ll be great for spring!


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Denise Needles

I got myself a set of Denise Interchangeable Needles. They’re FANTASTIC! I’m so excited to have them, since I had a list of projects that I wanted to get a start on and they all use different sized needles. Look at these beauties:

The size 8s are missing cuz I was knitting with them when I took the picture.

The reasons why I love my Denise:

  1. It gives me all the needles I need (except for the super small ones)
  2. They come in a pretty case that keeps them all organized. It helps my obsession in keeping things organized.
  3. They’re plastic, but very high quality plastic. I do like the Clover bamboo needles, but I also really like the feel of this plastic (it feels very flexible in my hands)
  4. They’re incredibly light (I heard they’re as light as the Addi turbos) so it keeps my wrists from hurting when I knit real fast.
  5. They’re circular needles, and I love circular needles.
  6. I can do Magic Lop knitting with them – no more dpns! (I hate dpns. Wish they were never invented).

I’ve also heard that people have had sets for 30 years and they still use them, so they must last a long time. There’s also a lifetime warranty even if anything ever broke – woohoo!

February 27, 2007. Knitting, Tools. 4 comments.

Ball Winder

I had a bunch of leftover yarn just sitting in my yarn tote, all unwieldy and tangled. I was realy getting fed up with it. I wanted to wind them all up into balls, but if I had done it by hand, it would have taken a century. At the same time, I didn’t really want to buy a ball winder and have to find a place to keep it. After researching online, I discovered this solution:

My drill ballwinder! Who says chicks can’t use powertools?

I put a regular pencil in where the drill bit usually goes and set the torque onto the lowest sitting. I made a slipknot on one end and wound just a little bit of yarn spiraling up the pencil. Then I just pushed the trigger and started winding. I tried to keep the slipknot out, so I can easily pull on it later to make it a center-pull ball. It works fantastically!

I’ve read in other places where people have used mixers or other things as yarn ball winders. I prefer my drill for several reasons:

1. I can easily control the speed it’s going depending on how much I’m pressing on the trigger
2. The low torque setting means that it stops winding automatically when I come to a knot.
3. I feel like a badass using a power tool 🙂

I ended up winding a bunch of balls just because I could. Now my yarn tote is clean! Woohoo!

February 25, 2007. Knitting, Tools, Yarn. 5 comments.

Cabled Bag

I’m working on this Cable Bag right now. I’ve gone through a few rows, but I’m having so much trouble getting into the pattern. Usually I knit while reading, and cables aren’t very conducive to that, because you can’t pay attention to anything else but the pattern!

Maybe one day, I’ll find the inspiration to keep going.

February 25, 2007. Knitting. 6 comments.

New Knit Blog

I’ve decided to start a new blog about my knitting. I’m realizing that all I’ve been wanting to blog about is my knitting, and I don’t want to crowd my adventure blog with my not-so-adventurous knits. So this is a new beginning, and I’ll slowly catch up on documenting my knitting life.

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